Motorbike Heels
Motorbike Heels
Plain court shoes
Mary Jane Court Shoes
Low Block Heel
Court Heel With Platform Sole
High Heel Stiletto
Ladies Flat Pumps

Motorbike Heels

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Your own motorbike photos can now be printed onto heels. Simply email your six favourite bike images to us to achieve a surreal eye catching one off pair of heels that are personal to you. 

Our custom shoes mean you can wear something unique.

Your shoes can be made to:

  • Match the colour and/or pattern of your dress
  • Match your accessories or body art
  • Show a picture of you or any member of your family
  • Show a selection of your favourite photos
  • Show a favourite pattern or design
  • Show your favourite selfies
  • Fit with the theme of your wedding

Designs can be based on any of eight styles

  • Plain Court Shoes
  • Court Heel With Platform Sole
  • Mary Jane Court Shoes
  • High Heel Platform
  • High Heel With Strap
  • Low Block Heel
  • High Heel Stiletto
  • Flat pumps

Base prices are £60 for flats and £130 for heels. Customisations are extra and we will always quote a full price breakdown before you order.

Many customisation options are available:

  • Red soles
  • Text on uppers or soles
  • Swarovski Crystals - one row, two rows or a full heel
  • Flowers - one or two pairs per shoe
  • Bows - one or two pairs per shoe

Custom Order shoes take 4-6 weeks from order to delivery because everything is handcrafted in our workshop. If you are on a shorter timescale, our Made-To-Order shoes can be delivered more quickly. We can best advise on timescales for custom orders through our Free Phone Consultation.

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