Shoesbyhaze Collaborates with New Outrageous Bride Magazine


So I thought I would take a break between shoes to give you my latest news. 

Last month I was invited to a very secretive business lunch by the lovely Lynda Johnson who has recently stepped back from the events world, after being at the helm of the vibrant Kustom Kulture Blastoff event in Lincolnshire for many years. 

We were gathered together to discuss Lynda's latest idea, so we are now helping her to relax into retirement gently and launching a new exciting wedding magazine for those brides who break the mould. 

It will be for those Outrageous Brides who don't fit into any box, so you can all be beautiful unique selves on your big day. 

So if you have already had an unusual wedding day and would like to be featured in our first issue please follow the link below to get involved.

pink skull heels




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